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Bergamot essential oil is obtained from the homonymus plant Citrus bergamia that belongs to the citrus family, like bitter orange and lemon. It is produced by rasping and cold pressing the fruit peel, giving a yellowish-green essential oil. The scent of bergamot is light, sweet and flowery, but also fruity. Because of its appealing scent it is a revered ingredient in the parfume industry.

Bergamot essential oil brings light and warmth so it is used in situations of stress, insomnia and restlessness. This oil relaxes and calms, in general it balances the mood. It also has antibacterial properties which makes it efficient in dermatosis treatment. Besides that it encourages the apetite and balances the digestion.  



This oil is very phototoxic. After application do not expose skin to the sun at least 24 hours.

Keep away from light and heat. Do not apply directly on skin or mucose membranes. Not for oral use. Keep away from children.

Cultivation: conventional culture

Method of production: cold pressing method

Part of the plant: rind of the fruit

Country of origin: Italy

Main constituents: limonen, cineol 1.8, linalyl acetat

Allergens: linalool, D-limonen, geraniol, citral